FB Viral Share Instructions

1: Login to your website via FTP or Web File Manager.

2: Upload the folder called fbviralshare from the FBViralShare.zip file, into the root directory on your server. Example: /public_html (On most servers)

3: Visit the webaddress to the fbviralshare directory that you have just uploaded fbviralshare folder to.
Example: http://www.domainname.com/fbviralshare/index.php

There is no installation or databases to setup.

4: On that webpage you create your incentive to get others to share your link on Facebook.
Example: Give them a discount on a product or give them a free gift for sharing your link on Facebook.
This is very effective in getting your link all over Facebook.

5: Copy and paste the generated code into the web page you want it to show on.
Save it and then upload that page so it is live on your website.

6: Now get people to your page to see the incentive so they will share your link on Facebook.

This will leverage your traffic and multiply it using Facebook.
Fill out this form to generate your code
Enter a product image.
Limited to 254px x 204px
Enter the Web Url you want to have shared
Your Incentive for visitors to share:
The URL where the user is sent to receive your special offer:
Select either to share, like or recommend :
Enter your FB Viral Share Affiliate ID: Join Here